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Got something to say?

Submissions to both the Truths and Fictions sections of this site are welcome. If they're good, I'll be happy to publish them.

I'm interested in any submission that's well written, well thought out, and interesting. You know, all the obvious criteria. You will retain full copyright on any submission, of course, and be given full credit (including a link to your own website, if you like).

The purpose of this offer is to invite — and recognize — other perspectives on, and original contributions to, the various writing projects I'm attempting here. I believe this site could be all the better with your involvement, and I hope that some of the endeavors pursued here prove worth participating in.

Besides — this is the web! It costs me practically nothing to share this opportunity, and it just might be valuable to someone else. Maybe even you.

If you'd like to contribute, let me know.

(NB: If by some chance you came to this page wondering if there is some means by which you can donate money to support my efforts on this site, well, I'm flattered, but the answer is no. If you wish to spend some money, however, I invite you to peruse the books and other works I recommend; if you buy any of them, will give me 2-5 percent of the purchase price, and you will, I think, get more than your money's worth, too.)


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